We've all gone through the unsanitary experience of using a port-a-potty. These mobile toilets, while they get the job done, they definitely don't handle it with any sort of class or much sanitation. There have been improvements on the mobile toilet design, but in the end men can't seem to keep the toilet clean, and women really don't like having to sit down in a portable toilet. Many don't realize there is a much better solution to having bathroom access when in a remote location for an event. Whether you are having a wedding, black tie event, or some sort of work location, having restrooms available is a must. If you really want to wow your guests though, you should look into a portable toilet trailer. Portable toilet trailers in Chicago can be rented and they provide a much better solution for bathroom access to the general public. Women in particular really prefer a portable toilet trailer, over a regular port-a-potty. So what is the big difference? A portable toilet trailer is an entire bathroom facility simply put in a trailer so it can be mobilized. Most rental services that offer toilet trailers, put a lot of effort into making the portable toilet feel like a normal public restroom. In fact, some offer deluxe models that are even nicer than your average public restroom. From the outside a portable toilet trailer just looks like a big box on wheels. You can see how it is towed by a truck or other towing vehicle. The trailer must be parked on a level surface and it needs to be connected to electricity for the lights and other amenities. (that's right, we said amenities; some portable toilet trailers come with climate control, stereos, and other amenities that will make guests feel more at home in the bathroom, than out of it.) One the trailer is parked, a special set of stairs and hand rails unfold to provide access to the bathroom facilities inside the trailer. Most trailers have at least 2 bathrooms; one for MEN and one for WOMEN. But you can get larger trailers which have anywhere from 2 to 10 bathrooms in a single trailer. So if you are hosting a big event, there doesn't form an enormous line just to use the bathroom. The best part is that the portable toilets function like any toilet in a public restroom; with running water, and washing facilities, a portable toilet trailer is also a more sanitary option than a port-a-potty. The trailer is designed to work all on its own. Sometimes it may require a hose to be hooked up for restocking of water, if the toilets will be in a location for more than a day. Rental companies also offer cleaning services if the toilets will be in a single location for a week-long event, or what have you. Another huge plus of the portable toilets is that since the system is more contained like a regular plumbing system, the smell from the toilets is a very low degree. Especially when compared to the awful stench of a port-a-potty, these toilets smell great and won't make your event feel low down or trashy. These trailers are often in high demand so you probably want to reserve them as soon as possible. You'll probably want to know how many guests you expect to attend the event and how many days you will need the toilet trailer. The size and amount of luxury you desire will also affect the total price of the rental. But in the end your guests will be much more satisfied with a portable toilet trailer than any other option, when bathrooms aren't available. Hop over to this site. Share