When you're moving, few things can make the event as successful as a moving truck.  They are so helpful because if you get the right size truck, you can load everything up so that you'll only need to make a single trip.  However, if you've put money down for the first month's rent and security, or if you actually bought a house and had to pay closing costs, your funds may be limited.  Don't let finances keep you from the convenience of a moving truck; use this information to learn two tips that can help you get a good deal when you need to rent one.

Try To Time Your Move

The first thing you want to do when you need a moving truck is time your move correctly.  You may find that you're able to save quite a bit of money simply by moving during a time when the demand for trucks is at a low.

Much like other industries, the moving truck industry operates off of supply and demand.  For example, a good number of people move at the beginning or end of the month.  Their leases are up, and they need a truck to get to their next location. Try to avoid moving during these times, since moving truck businesses may charge a bit more because of the increased demand.

Instead, consider moving toward the middle of the month.  Also, although it's convenient to move on the weekend, this may not net you the best price on a moving truck.  Renting the truck on a weekday may be a better way for you to save.

Advance Preparation Is The Key

Some moving truck companies charge rental fees by the hour.  Taking the time to carefully prepare before picking up the moving truck is another way for you to conserve money.

The key is advance preparation.  Have all of your belongings packed up and ready to go, complete with labels or color coding so you'll know which boxes go into the different rooms of your new house.  If you have friends or family coming to help with the move, make sure that they are already at your house before you pick up the truck so you don't waste time. Work as efficiently and quickly as possible, and get the truck back to the rental facility as soon as possible.  You may even want to try to negotiate a reduced rate if you get the truck back within a stated timeframe.

Renting a moving truck doesn't have to break the bank if you know what to do.  The next time you need a moving truck, keep these tips in mind so you can get the best rate. For more information, contact Elite Truck Rental or a similar location.