While staying in a hotel may work out well when you're travelling in an urban city, renting a cabin for a family vacation in the mountains is an excellent option. Whether you're taking a weekend trip or an extended vacation, choosing the right cabin is essential. Taking the time to find the best family cabin rental to suit your needs will help ensure that everyone has a great time and is able to create memories that last a lifetime. The first step is to narrow down your destination, and then you can begin looking at cabins that are rented out as vacation rentals. Use the following tips to pick the right cabin for a family vacation:

Determine Your Vacation Goals

Before you begin looking at cabins available for short-term rentals, it is a good idea to discuss with your family what goals you have for your vacation. For example, if you're travelling during the summer months when the weather tends to be great in the mountains, outdoor activities may be a priority. This means that you would want to rent a cabin that has a great location and is close to activities that your family is interested in, such as lakes, rivers, or hiking trails. If you're planning your mountain vacation during the winter months when it may be cold and snowy, your family may spend more time indoors, so the interior features and amenities of a cabin may be more important to you.

Look for a Cabin with the Right Layout

In order to maximize comfort, it is imperative to choose a cabin that has the right layout for your family. Make sure that you select a cabin that can sleep all of the members of your family without anyone having to sleep on the floor or the couch. In the event that you have a large family, make sure that you look for a cabin that has multiple bathrooms that can accommodate everyone's needs. You should also pay close attention to the actual layout of the cabin -- some cabins may have open loft sleeping areas, and if you have young children you may not feel safe having them sleep in an open loft area upstairs by themselves. 

Know What is Included

Prior to booking your cabin rental, always talk with the owner or vacation rental agency to know exactly what is included. Find out if the rental comes equipped with towels, linens, and appropriate kitchen utensils and equipment to prepare meals. It is also a good idea to inquire whether or not firewood is included, and if the cabin has an outdoor grill, ask if propane or charcoal is provided.