Staying healthy at work is a real chore. It is hard to do anything healthy for oneself when everyone sits at a desk most of the time. However, there are a few things you can do to promote a healthier lifestyle for your employees while they are at work. Try one or more of the following. 

Countertop Water Dispensers

People do not drink enough water, and they should. This is especially hard when you are at work all day and you are not able to keep running to the water fountain or to the sink in the breakroom to get a cup of water. Even more importantly, water does not taste as good from a tap or when it is not especially cold.

To help with that, you can consider buying a countertop water dispenser. Some hold about three gallons of water and ice. If you buy a water dispenser that also has a center infusing component, then you can place cut fruit in the center component to naturally flavor the water and make it more tempting and palatable. A small office of fewer than ten employees only needs one or two dispensers filled and ready each day. Larger offices will need a few more. 

A Small Exercise Room

If you have a spare office space, convert it to an exercise room. Put a few treadmills, a stationary bike, and one or two elliptical machines in there. Tell your employees they can take an extra thirty minutes for lunch if they spend that thirty minutes working out in the workout room. Keep track of people using their extra thirty minutes with a swipe key card on the exercise room door. You could also consider holding monthly or quarterly contests for employees interested in improving their health and using the exercise room, too. 

Mid-Morning and Mid-Afternoon Stretches

Sitting all day causes people to become very sleepy. The body is constantly at rest, so it assumes that it is okay to just fall asleep. Organizing a morning and afternoon stretch session helps employees get up, stretch with the group, get their blood flowing to their brains again, and reawaken themselves. The stretches also keep the bodies limber and in less pain, which can be caused by stress or poor posture from being hunched over a desk all day. Stretching an hour before lunch and an hour or two past lunch is a good idea.