The water line is a critically important part of your home's plumbing system as it will be responsible for supplying the home with water. However, while it will be buried deep below the surface of the ground, it can still be subject to suffering damage from a variety of sources.

How Will You Be Able To Tell A Buried Water Line Has Been Damaged?

Despite the fact that the water line will be buried underground, it can still be possible for you to be able to tell whether it has suffered damage. For example, a main warning sign of this damage can involve water pooling on the surface of the soil above the water line. Additionally, if the home suffers a noticeable and sudden decrease in water pressure, this could also alert you to a potential problem with the water supply.

What Happens If You Fail To Have Minor Water Line Damage Repaired?

While a major rupture of the waterline will obviously be a problem that needs to be urgently repaired, homeowners can be prone to underestimate the importance of also repairing a relatively minor type of damage to the water line. For example, a small leak in the water line can erode enough soil to cause the piping to actually collapse due to a lack of support. Additionally, it can grow in size over time as the water leaking out corrodes any metal and erodes any vinyl that was used in the line.

What Will Be Involved With Repairing A Compromised Water Line?

Repairing a damaged water line will always be a fairly involved process. When this line is damaged, it will be necessary for the soil covering the water line to be excavated so that the damaged section of the piping can be reached. While homeowners may assume that this will mean that much of their property has to be dug up, it can be possible for experienced water line repair contractors to excavate a relatively small area as they will be able to more accurately determine the location of the damage. This can be done using small cameras that may be inserted into the water line so that the interior of the pipe can be inspected for damage.

A damaged water supply line can be one of the most serious plumbing repairs that a home can require. If a homeowner fails to appreciate the need to have these damages professionally addressed, they can increase the risk of their property suffering unnecessary complications and damage due to the water leaking out of the compromised water supply line.

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