When it comes to planning the best holiday party, choosing your Santa is a major part of the process. After all, if you're really looking to capture the magic of the season for the kids at the party, the more authentic Santa appears, the better. Before you book whatever Santa you can get from the local classified ads, you should consider the benefits of hiring a real-beard Santa instead. Here's a look at what you need to know about what sets these Santas apart from the rest.

Most Real-Beard Santas Belong To A National Order

There are a few different organizations across the country that were created exclusively for those who maintain a real beard to portray Santa. The members of these orders vow to protect the magic and mystery of Santa for children every year, and the members must pay dues and meet regularly to maintain their membership. If you want the best representation of a real-beard Santa, look for one that has made the commitment to an order like this for authenticity.

Being A Real-Beard Santa Is A Year-Round Commitment

Most people only think about the Santa role when the holidays are approaching. However, for those who have embraced being a real-beard Santa, it is a year-round commitment to care, planning, and image maintenance.

Some of the real-beard Santas only grow their beard for the last half of the year, allowing it to start growing around mid-summer for the perfect length around Christmas. However, some real-beard Santas maintain their look all year, providing services to organizations for "Christmas in July" events and more.

Additionally, maintaining the beard requires care, including the proper beard conditioning and treatments to keep it looking and feeling authentic.

Real-Beard Santas Cost More Because They Invest More

For most real-beard Santas, portraying that authentic image is a crucial part of their lives. As a result, they not only invest their time and money into maintaining their personal image, but they also invest significantly into their Santa suits.

While some seasonal Santas rent their suits only for those months when they need them and often get suits that have been well-used over the years, most real-beard Santas invest in their own personal suit, and they choose high-end suits costing several hundred dollars.

In addition to that significant initial investment, the ongoing care, cleaning, and maintenance of those suits can be costly as well. These Santas may cost you more for your party, but it's because of the time, money, and attention they put into their character image.

Most Real-Beard Santas Make Their Role A Full Career

For most real-beard Santas, trying to hold an off-season job can be a real challenge. Few employers want to invest in an employee that's likely to take a lot of time off during the holiday season to play Santa. As a result, most real-beard Santas end up making their character portrayal a full career.

In fact, real-beard Santas are in such demand that most can make a huge portion of their annual income just throughout the holiday season. From there, they often find self-employment options to help fill in the gaps during the off-season period. This allows them to focus thoroughly and passionately on their character development so that they can be the best possible Santa each and every season.

Planning a holiday party to remember starts with getting a Santa that will truly make an impression. Now that you can understand the significance of real-beard Santas and the commitment that they make, you can see why they are such a great option for your upcoming event. Look for a real-beard Santa in your area to complete your party planning.

To learn more or to hire a real-beard Santa, contact a party planner.