Impulse shopping aids retailers in reaching their financial goals, but without adequate displays that promote the freshness of products, shoppers may walk by a fresh foods case. If wall units are utilized for the bulk of the perishable goods that are sold at your shop, but you want to implement another display type in the deli and baked goods part of your store, an island refrigerated case may aid in unloading surplus items.

Lighting That Doesn't Compromise Quality and Freshness

Imagine food products sitting under hot bulbs all day and the emitted radiation from the bulbs compromising the color and overall freshness of a product. This could result in waste within the workplace and customers swaying away from items that are prepared in house. With LED lighting technology that does not emit much radiation, products can remain within a case right up until the printed expiration dates and you may need to rotate stock more frequently since items that are on display will sell quickly.

Advertising That Is Appealing

People like to know what type of items they will be greeted with, prior to standing directly in front of a display. With an island refrigeration unit, you have plenty of room to advertise the overall product theme that is being promoted. Neon lights that are independently installed or that contain a backdrop behind them can be used to specify food types, condiments, or beverages that are being offered.

For instance, if you currently have fresh products inside of display cases that are next to a wall, you may want to sell them before you have to throw it all away. To sell this stuff sooner, you could combine the desserts, lunch, and dinner items and display them inside of the island refrigeration unit. Order neon lighting that specifies that the setup is a one-stop area where patrons can find all of the staples needed to create a hassle-free meal and that the food items have already been prepared or cooked, requiring little or no effort on a customer's part. All food that is placed inside of the island display should be categorized, to make it easy for your customers to find what they prefer.

Store salads, fresh vegetables, and fruits on one side of the display and store cooked meats, vegetables, and desserts on the other side. Choose to have lighting installed above or below each shelf that food will be resting on. 

For more information, contact refrigerated case merchandising illuminations companies.