Removing soil from an area can take a lot of time, and if you have to work around something like a pipeline, electrical wires, or other buried utilities, it can be dangerous. Hydrovac services could be the perfect solution for your project, and the time savings can quickly translate into cost savings for most jobs.

Understanding Hydrovac Services

Hydrovac services are a safer, faster, and more precise way to excavate material from the ground in large and small areas. The system uses extremely high-pressure water to break up the soil. Because the stream is focused on specific areas, the operator can cut straight lines and remove large areas of the soil faster and more accurately than many backhoes can.

As the water is cutting the soil, a large vacuum removes the water and the earth from the hole, leaving very little debris behind. The vacuum system captures the dirt in a large truck, and then the soil and other debris can be removed from the site or transported to another area of the site and dumped out to dry, so you can use it for backfilling later. 

Applications For Hydrovac Services

Some of the most common uses for hydrovac services involve precision excavations that require the soil to be removed around delicate underground structures. A fuel pipeline running to a building that is leaking can be excavated much more safely using hydrovac services because there is no chance of a spark from the process. 

The water used in the process can increase safety because it can disperse leaking gas from around the pipeline as the leak is uncovered. The vehicle can be positioned some distance from the hole as the operator works, eliminating sparks from that as well.

You may need to uncover an electrical conduit, some fiber-optic lines, or even old drain lines on the property. Using a hydrovac service to do it eliminates a lot of heavy equipment on the site that can leave behind damage to the grass and soil that would need to be fixed later. 

Reduced Personnel

Because the hydrovac system only requires an operator for the water and an operator for the vacuum, you may find that two operators can remove more soil in a far shorter time with this system than using traditional methods that involve several machines, trucks, and workers. 

The speed and accuracy of hydrovac services often translate to a lower cost per hour than traditional excavating. The system is less disruptive to things like traffic and operations inside the building. Next time you think you need a large excavating company to uncover a pipe or other underground structure, you may want to have a hydrovac company come and give you an estimate for the work.