Joining a private golf club gives you access to top golf facilities that offer more space and less competition for time on the green. These clubs often have additional facilities that aren't golf-related, which can be helpful if you want to bring your family but they aren't into golf. Not all private clubs offer the same features, however, so you have to do your due diligence when choosing a club to join. Go into this with a clear idea of how you'd want your family to be able to use the club facilities.

Look for Clubs That Have Non-Golfing Activities

First, there are private clubs that allow family members on the grounds, and private clubs that have additional facilities like swimming pools, tennis courts, libraries, cafes, and more. Unless your entire family is into golf, you'll want to find a club that lets spouses and kids go off and do other things that interest them, rather than having them sit around, waiting for you to finish your golf game.

Watch out for Extra Costs

When you find clubs with these extra facilities, make sure you know whether there are additional charges and how often they might apply. For example, maybe family members have to pay additional fees to use a tennis court, or maybe they only have to pay a rental fee if they decide to rent rackets and balls. That difference in when the fees are applied can be the difference between an OK club and a great club. If you're going so far as to join a private golf club, then you really want your family to be able to take advantage of the club's benefits without having to deal with too many barriers.

Check Age Limits for Kids

Do be aware of any age limits for children. Does the club not allow kids younger than a certain age to use particular facilities? For example, can 8-year-olds go play tennis or hang out at the pool (with supervision)? Are they limited to just staying inside the main clubhouse or sitting on the patios around the building? Must they be with a parent at all times, or is the club only concerned that younger children be supervised?

You know the drill: write down all your questions so that you don't forget any, and start writing them down as soon as you think of them. This will help you find companies that offer golf club memberships that let you and your family continue to spend time together.