Private water wells provide many residential properties with access to clean water each day. Some of these pumps rely on submersible pumps to help transport water from deep underground into a home's plumbing system. These wells must also be equipped with a pump puller that can retrieve the submersible pump when it is in need of repair.

If you are installing a well that will need a pump puller, here are three tips to keep in mind as you utilize these pieces of machinery to service your well in the future.

1. Decide Between Renting or Buying

The first thing you need to do when installing a pump puller is determining if you will purchase your own puller, or rent this piece of equipment from a reputable well company.

High-quality pump pullers can be expensive. If you plan to install a well pump that has a proven track record of durability and efficiency, you shouldn't need to pull the pump out of the well that often for repairs. That said, renting a pump puller allows you to periodically raise your pump without breaking the bank.

If you anticipate the need to pull up your pump frequently for servicing and repairs, it will be more cost-efficient in the long run to purchase a pump puller of your own.

2. Ensure the Puller Is Stable

Once you have rented or purchased a pump puller, you will need to set up the puller in preparation for the removal of your well pump. For instance, where you put the pump puller will have a direct impact on the quality of your pump once it has been raised. Likewise, you want your pump puller to be as stable as possible. The goal is to raise the pump vertically while allowing for minimal side-to-side movement.

To remedy this, create a flat base for the pump puller, and utilize any clamps or tie-downs that will help to further stabilize the pump puller while it is in use.

3. Check the Puller's Motor

Regardless of whether you rent or buy your pump puller, check out the motor before you put the puller to use. Make sure that there is sufficient oil and fuel in the motor. Also, check for any signs of wear within the major motor components.

Never use a pump puller that appears to have a faulty motor. These pullers could fail while you are in the middle of raising your submersible pump, causing the pump to plummet to the bottom of the well and possibly sustain irreparable damage.