Corrosion of pump parts, holes within a pump, or sediment that has been encrusted on a pump can lead to a decreased water yield. A water well pump's original construction and past maintenance are two variables that could lead to a partial or full pump failure. During a service appointment, update your water well repair specialist with the details about the initial well drilling process.

The Drill Report And Upkeep Information

Poor construction of a well or archaic components that were used to drill the well and that have now failed could have contributed to the water depletion. If you do not have access to any paperwork associated with the original well drilling process that was conducted on your land, contact the company that performed the drilling services.

You may be able to obtain a copy of the work order. This will include details about the placement of the well, the depth of the water feature, and a listing of the internal components that were added to the interior of the well. A water well repair specialist will look over this material. They may also request information about how you maintained the well. If you had water quality testing performed or if you replaced any well materials, provide details about these matters to the repair person.

The Inspection 

A water well's bottom may be deep in the ground. Some well pump models are designed to be anchored near the base of a well. A repair person may use camera equipment to assess the inside of the well. The camera will capture footage of the sidewalls and bottom. They will also collect imagery of the pump.

A repair person may conduct a test that will determine how many gallons of water are pumped per minute. This amount will be divided by the loss of water that is incurred during an active pumping session. A repair person can determine if the water depletion is severe and if the pump is malfunctioning excessively. If the camera equipment detected damage to the pump, the pump may either need to be rebuilt or replaced.

If there is a lot of sediment on the pump contributing to less water being pumped, the pump may need to be cleaned. Your options will be outlined, including whether or not you should purchase a replacement pump that is the same size as the original one or whether you should invest in a different pump model.