Wedding dresses are made in very generic sizes. Consequently, most brides will need to get at least a few minor alterations to ensure their dress fits perfectly. In some cases, more complex alterations may be required in order to tailor the dress specifically for your needs. For instance, you may choose to add sleeves to your dress or alter the neckline in order to better fit your body shape and personal style. Regardless of whether you are making minor alterations or giving your dress a major overhaul, there are some tips that can help to ensure all of your alterations turn out perfectly. 

Tip #1: Be Sure To Schedule Multiple Dress Fittings Before The Big Day

A major life event such as a wedding can often result in physical changes. In some cases, individuals may gain a few pounds leading up to their wedding as a result of stress. In other cases, individuals may choose to adopt healthier eating and exercise habits in order to lose a few pounds before their wedding day. With all the changes that can potentially take place in your body before the big day, it is important to ensure you schedule multiple dress fittings in order to allow for any necessary last-minute alterations. In most cases, seamstresses will recommend that you have your first fitting a couple of months prior to the wedding day and then additional fittings periodically leading up to your wedding date. 

Tip #2: Make Sure To Wear Your Wedding Shoes And Undergarments At Your Fitting 

One of the most common mistakes that people make when getting their wedding dress altered is that they wear different shoes or undergarments to their dress fitting appointment. This can be a big deal since even a minor difference in the height of your shoes can change how long your wedding dress needs to be in order to fit perfectly. The undergarments you plan to wear on your wedding day can also impact the way your dress fits. That is why you should always wear the same shoes and undergarments to your dress fitting as you plan to wear on your wedding day. 

Tip #3: Bring At Least One Other Person With You To Your Dress Fitting

It can sometimes be difficult to spot potential issues with the fit of your dress while you are wearing it. This is why it is always a good idea to bring a trusted family member or friend with you to your fitting that can offer a second opinion. However, you will want to limit the number of people you bring with you since having too many opinions can also make this task more difficult and stressful.

For more information about alterations, contact a local shop.