You might be nervous when having your ears pierced for the first time. You might experience a little pain when having your ears pierced, but you won't need painkillers. By knowing what to expect, the process won't seem scary at all.

The Piercing Method Used

When a professional pierces your ears, they use a needle or a piercing gun. The option they choose depends on where you will have your ears pierced. The only individual who should perform the piercing is a professional because an incorrect piercing can damage the ear or cause an infection.

Pain Management

It's essential not to take aspirin before having your ears pierced, or they might bleed more than expected. As long as a piercing is carried out safely, it is medically safe at any age. It's best to start with small earrings and try larger ones later if you'd like. 

The Location of the Piercing

The piercing can be made in one of several designated locations on the ear. These include the ear lobes, several locations in the center of the ear, near the outer cartilage, and along the portion of the ear that connects to your head.

Waiting for the Piercing to Heal

After the piercing, it will take a while for the piercing to heal. This will be based on your ear and where your ear is pierced. You will need to take good care of your ears while they are healing to ensure they do not become infected by washing them with soap and water. You can prevent skin infection by applying an antibiotic ointment. The professional who pierced your ears might also recommend a particular cleanser. 

How to Avoid an Infection

Afterward, try to avoid touching your ear piercing because doing so can transfer germs and cause your ears to become infected. You might notice that your ear lobe looks red, and it might swell. However, you shouldn't worry too much because it will likely disappear in a day or two. If it doesn't go away or if you notice that another part of your ear is infected, visit your doctor to have the site where you pierced your ear inspected. 

As long as you don't take your earring out too soon, it won't close after enough time has passed. However, you'll want to wear earrings periodically, or the holes might eventually close. Then, you'll be able to enjoy wearing earrings whenever you feel like it. Visit an ear piercing shop for more information.